It’s twisted like a knot Somewhat frayed at its ends It’s like a ball sometimes Hit straight at your stomach With much force And sometimes it’s like poison Spreading to each and every cell of your body Stinging it like thousand needles struck at the same time And you say love is gentle Maybe we…


  The world has turned on its axis again “Pivotal!” said he, “Revoluous!” said I We both were fools living across alternate parallaxes Separated by momentary parsecs

Do I?

Is there a world outside my window or are they the characters that has run away from my book? Do I arrest them, freeze them, ananlyze them and put them back where they belong or do I let them go and follow in the shadows? Do I dictate their directions or do they dictate mine?…

I promise

  Are you scared I would see   I promise to close my eyes so   Are you scared the scars would show   Peep somehow from those recesses   Alcoves and alcoves of dark dampness   All out in the stingy stanza   Brought forth by an old vat   Bittersweet and a bit…

long gone

  Give me some frowns Even the sneers that accompany Give me a good earful before you go I may wait up lest you should remember and come back Give me your mind for I have lost mine.


A tiny cobweb entangled in the dark oak roof A rustic wind-chime hanging on the half broken window A mildew eaten cabinet that holds some memories in its heavy, stiff drawers The jackfruit tree that still casts its shadows on my bed when the moon shines in its full strength The water that flows through…


Never has come and gone again Like it did yesterday It quietly sneaked in the corner When I had turned to close the door Now I try to strengthen my resolve but Never has it been the same again.