Killing Osama

My five year old son asked for a toy gun, well it is the gender thing I guess he and his brother have always been fascinated by guns and wheels to play with. So having procured a gun he went out to play with his friends and a retired Army personnel who happens to be…

The Healing

CREATIVE NON-FICTION In the fall of 2009 I was taken ill. It started with regular fever and got worse over the month. My life got cryogenised in terms of priorities; the fact that I had recently acquired admission in one of the finest Universities in London with a full scholarship did not alter my situation….


Love is when you’ve watched Iron Man 2 twenty seven and a half times yet when you tell him you need to watch it, he buys it for you online. Why? Because Netflix does not have Iron Man 2!!! Newsflash!!!

One day I decided to commit suicide

Well, how the decision was arrived upon I am reluctant to disclose, for in doing so my act of stupidity would irrevocably be reinforced and established beyond doubt in the sensibility of every intelligent being, which undeniably would prove fatal to my reputation. So not wanting to cause any more mischief to my image than…

Remembering school & monsoon & the monster

It pattered day and night on the roof, on the windows, on the crops, although the crops didn’t complain like the roof so you barely got to hear the rains out there in the fields, but its wetness stuck to your hair and your clothes plastering them onto your skin. The cold sticky rain brought…