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Hong Kong

The name itself spells splendour, Hong Kong. I believe there aren’t many who have not heard of the place. Logic dictates that if one has heard of Bruce Lee then one has heard of Hong Kong. Now I am not a tour agent so I shall not give you the tour package highlights, although there […]


There could be only one reason for anybody to go to Macau and that is gamble, let nobody tell you otherwise. If anyone does so, do not believe for there is nothing else in Macau but the casinos. When you enter the Venetian there is nowhere else you need to go, they’ve got everything inside, […]

The cock and bull of it

I wish they would not name the brand of the safety matches ‘Cock’, it is seriously offensive even if they did it with the most innocent of intentions, displaying a nice figure of a rooster in all its glory, probably when it is crowing at that, nevertheless feels offensive. Just the look of that tiny […]

Passages I simply adore.

From Money by Martin Amis   In L.A, you can’t do a thing unless you drive. Now I can’t do anything unless I drink. And the drink-drive combination, it really isn’t possible out there. If you so much as loosen your seatbelt or drop your ash or pick your nose, then its an Alcatraz autopsy […]


  The trees were naught but spiral blobs of rainbow raised on its own stem and oozing the colors that dripped and colored the rivers, Tumtum trees they were called. The sky for all times was arrested at the moment of twilight, it was neither day nor night. The grass would change to tiny flowers […]

One day I decided to commit suicide

    Well, how the decision was arrived upon I am reluctant to disclose, for in doing so my act of stupidity would irrevocably be reinforced and established beyond doubt in the sensibility of every intelligent being, which undeniably would prove fatal to my reputation. So not wanting to cause any more mischief to my […]

The Train Station

‘Do you think that’s possible?’ ‘Yes, I think so.’ ‘I should like to think so’, he rephrased his answer. The evening grew harsh with each passing hour, the abandoned station with its bleak possibilities thrived in its garb of gloom as Rinchen and his uncle, tried to get comfortable in the single iron bench at […]