young couple carrying carton boxes in new flat during relocation

Rules of engagement

As you hit the 40s you tend to be more scatterbrained, you forget things. So, I was angry with my husband the other day, very angry. I stopped talking. The next day I was sulking, by the third day he must have been bored so he asked me why was I angry in the first place?

I looked at him irritably ready to fight and that is when I realized I had forgotten the cause of my fury! I tried to remember but couldn’t!

I turned the other way so he could not see my perplexity.

Why could I not remember what I was angry about? I knew it was something important but what exactly? I didn’t even have a vague recollection. It must have been grave I believe, so I just held on to that idea and stayed angry.

I didn’t have a choice now did I ? After all there are rules. And principles matter.

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