unrecognizable couple enjoying sunset over rural settlement on hilly valley


“Looks like you caught the flu,” I tell my husband but he doesn’t pay attention. He sniggers and stifles half a sneeze. I put the kettle to boil to make him tea with ginger, honey, and lemon.

He looks agitated. Goes to the terrace grumbling with his phone.

“Again no network!” I hear him fume from the kitchen. He walks around as though his red nose is the antenna and would somehow catch the signal if he went to the green corner by sheer combination of colours.

“It’s raining come inside,” I tell him to no avail.

I think he’s found the network near the pot of red-hot chili peppers dangling in the rain. Physics must have its ways, what do I know.

“Ooh!” He exclaims and reads diligently, “runny nose, watery eyes, raised temperature, I have all the symptoms! It’s the flu,” he announces.

“Yes, that’s why I made this.” I retort, as I hand him the ginger tea.

 “Next time just ask me.” I add as an afterthought.

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