Being silly

I paid eighty rupees for a sixty seven rupees coffee today, which meant I left a tip of thirteen rupees. I don’t know why I did that, when I come to think of it thirteen is not even a favourable number for many. For all I know, the waiter that I tipped could be a highly superstitious fellow and such a tip could translate as a sign for him, that wouldn’t be to his liking and if anything untoward was to coincidentally occur to him during the course of the day, I would inadvertently be held accountable for it. However, his circumstances would prevent him from knowing my whereabouts to carry out such accusations in person, so he would go about wishing evil upon my life for being a precursor to his misfortunes.

Yeah, just being silly here.


  1. Quirky! 13 in some cultures are lucky. Life cycles have 4 main events ‘birth, aging, sickness, and death’, so numbers that are a multiplication of 4 plus 1 would fall upon birth, meaning life, hence 13 is quite a good number and usually used for number of stairs in buildings/houses. Just some little fun facts.

    1. Wow! thanks for sharing this fact, my opinion of the number changed considerably. I had so far only encountered the dreaded version of the stories surrounding the number. how they don’t put the 13th floor on the building or how the number 13 is avoided when assigning room numbers! Even in lifts one can see floor 14 after 12

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