Tales from Sikkim: adolescence

The cherry tree that dots the hill state of Sikkim transforms through different seasons, moulting, withering, and flourishing to the beautiful entity it finally becomes. One cannot hope to reach the same destiny, for as we grow so does our flaws.

Raji and I finished school with our fair share of fights, bumps, bruises and girl friends. We did fall in love with the same girl twice. Julia Barnes, the exchange student from Canada, for whom we pined and withered and also got grounded for stealing from mother.

Raji stole money and I stole her ring. It was a gold band with inscriptions inside its rim that said, ‘To Roshni, with love.’ I don’t think the inscription increased its value much but mother was very sentimental about it and grounded me for the entire weekend. The very weekend that Julia Barnes went on a date with Naresh Raut from the History class. All had come to naught. Love did hurt and I sang a couple of songs on my guitar looking at the cherry tree outside my house.

The second time it was Tshering Dolkar . She was extremely pretty and carried the coolest school bag which had a picture of Flash and Fido Dido in fluorescent green. It was the trendiest colour of the season on Channel V and MTv. Half the boys were in love with her. Or maybe it was the bag but when one fell in love one is suppose to love the whole package they say. Her bag definitely comprised the whole package.

Raji and I lost this one too. One of the boys from TNA zapped her from below our noses. We heard he loved the bag just as we did and actually asked for it as a gift, on account of which she dumped him. We had no further knowledge of her love life. We were too engrossed in our failures I guess. Now when I think about it I am divided about this whole sentiment. I mean, if there was even a tiny possibility about me having to choose between Dolkar and her bag, I feel the bag would stand a better chance of being my date than her. So you see I was at a confusing state of adolescence just then.

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