There was a room that Rajii agreed to explore with me, this was the room of trophies. Animal skin and horns saddled with books among other things. It was a curious sort of a room; scary at nights and interesting during the day. However, our attention was mainly focussed on a glass cabinet high up on one of the wooden walls just beneath the lamp. It encased a gun. 

It was an actual gun for we verified it standing, lying and crawling underneath it at different angles. This was the singular point of our attention and efforts during the days when it was too hot to play outside. 

We had not yet gotten a clear view of the inscriptions although we had tried all the means to do it; a chair on top of a table, a chair on top of a chair, a table on top of a table with books on it and also a long pole that did nothing worthwhile to the lock or the cabinet but managed to break the lamp which we quickly collected and put away behind the long thick curtains.

 The lock on that cabinet would not yield but it did manage to give us a couple of bumps and bruises whenever our angle of propping ourselves did not adhere to some mathematical rule of the universe. Nonetheless, it was not a futile exercise for we had managed to read M 1 Garand so far. We did not lose heart nor hope. 

Asking grandfather never crossed our minds. 

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  1. Asfa says:

    Lovely! Can’t wait to read more 😍

    1. Saring says:

      Thank you Asfa that’s really encouraging. I’m glad you liked 🤗

  2. jenniejeanne says:

    This is very interesting. It makes me feel things you don’t even mention like I can feel the dry heat from the sun coming in through the windows and taste the dust hanging on the trophy heads around the room. I can picture two little kids turning this into an adventure. Very interested in where you plan to bring this!

    1. Saring says:

      Thank you for reading it Jennie 😊 I’m so glad to read your feedback. First time anyone’s given one on my WIP it’s a nice feeling🤗

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