An unreliable narrator?

We all talk about different narrative voices in fiction and there is the famous unreliable narrator. I am quite fascinated by this narrator who leaves the ultimate power of discernment to the reader. This technique which is assessed from different critical point of views by various schools of thought is a gloriously satisfying narration and renders the reader emotionally decrepit and actually angry. My favorite books that fall under this narrative voice are Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Remains of the Day” and of course the famous “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott. Fitzgerald .

Below is my own experiment at this narrative voice.

“I am not quite sure if I read that right, it did say love you and something else which I cannot be bothered with at the moment.” Tilly thought.

“Well, did he mean that he loves me as in really love me or is that just “love you when you’re being silly?”

“Oh Bummer! I’m gonna miss class again,” she increased her pace at the hallway. “Cannot even call him now, Oh boy! I wish I could talk to him just now, the sun is out so bright and the squirrels seem happy or maybe they are not and it’s really just me being silly.” Tilly kept repeating Jason’s message in her head as she entered her classroom.

He wondered if she had noticed, his heartbeat quickened, he had already hit the send button now he wasn’t sure if he should have. He took another sip of beer and looked at the waves crashing against each other. At the horizon the sea always seemed serene. He checked his phone and re-read his own message.

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