Point of view 2

I hate hospitals, I hate the look of it, I hate the sound of it, I hate the smell of it, everything about it just reeks and festers.  How could I be so silly and fracture my leg badly enough to land at this godforsaken place? Hospitals at 13000 feet really are godforsaken. I mean there are no real doctors in there for crying out loud, there are just some army men wearing borrowed white coat and hanging cables around their neck.

“Wow you look awesome! Look at your leg! Can I please scribble some graffiti? Isn’t it super cool you get to lie here all day eating goodies while we slog our asses off? Have you seen the view here? Let me just open the window for you. Wow this place smells amazingly fresh and clean mmm! Is that lemongrass? And the doctors, they are so good looking I could spend the whole day just staring at them. How lucky you broke your leg!”

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