By the eyes of men

The fat man put his grubby fingers on her chest trailing a line over each tight mounds with his thumb, he grabbed her waist and started feeling her sleek and smooth legs, rubbing them up and down beneath her skirt. There was a feverish gleam in his eyes.

‘I’ll take it,’he passed the Doll to the seething shopkeeper.

‘This is a kid’s toy, not what you think.’ The shopkeeper was defiant and unobliging but the man took out a crumpled bill and placed it on the counter. It was a dull day and business wasn’t booming.

‘What do I care?’ Gafur spoke more to himself as he packed the Barbie and handed it over to the man.

‘Oh! You got my doll!’ Five year old Sara jumped at her grandfather.

‘How could you tell without your glasses?’ The little girl asked him.

‘Oh I’ve heard you talk about it all year haven’t I? The man felt his granddaughter’s head and eyes and smelled her hair, he could always recognise her this way. He kissed her forehead before she ran out to play with her first real birthday present.

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  1. Muntazir says:

    Creative indeed!

    1. Saring says:

      Thank you 😊

      1. Muntazir says:

        My pleasure

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