Story about marriage

Tashi married Dolkar for a list of reasons, about fourteen there were as he once recollected while driving to office but her smile had featured prominently amongst them all. The list varied for his parents for it was not as lengthy or abstract and the significant factor was that she belonged to a wealthy family and all her body parts were in its proper place.

Now that he thought about it, half of his list seemed somewhat unreal, rather imagined, if he had married his right hand then the majority of his reasons would have been fairly fulfilled for he could cook just as well. He looked at his hand in amazement as though rediscovering a long lost treasure.

‘She is pretty, I think I can live with that,’  he had said.

‘She has an affluential maternal side, I think we all could live with that,’ his mother had sounded equally pleased. 

‘Mother, you sound weird, I hope you know that,’ Tashi had reminded her.

That was five years ago, today he was running away. Fleeing from the same smile that had so enamoured him then. Running away from Dolkar, his wife.


‘It is not illegal’, Tashi argued.

‘It’s not legal either,’ Sanjay countered the argument.

‘More than legal or illegal its illogical Tashi!’ Sanjay could sense his friend’s frustrations.

‘Why don’t the two of you take counselling? If that doesn’t work then the only option is to separate legally but running away is not available as an alternative to a married man.’

‘Says who? Is there a law? Show me.’ Tashi refused to budge from his point of view.

‘You are thirty-one, you officially disqualify to run away,’ Sanjay threw up his hands in the air.

‘Now who’s being illogical?’ Tashi glared at his best friend, the only lawyer in their gang of boys.

‘Ok. Leave. I don’t want to argue with you just now. Come back tomorrow.’ the lawyer pushed his friend out of the door.

‘I might be gone tomorrow,’ Tashi shouted from outside

‘Then go. Bon voyage. By the way where are you going again?’ Sanjay voiced his concerns from the confines of his office cabin.

‘I haven’t decided the destination yet,’ Tashi did not seem in a hurry to leave the advocate’s premises so he sat down on the visitor chair outside his friend’s chamber fiddling with his phone. He needed to change his profile picture he thought.




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