All things Scot

Scotland isn’t all about whiskey, there’s Hume at the Royal mile for wisdom too, just in case too much spirit brought about the wooziness in you.

But first and foremost Scotland is all about beauty and grandiose, it’s beautiful enough to take your breath away at the first glance and it sustains across the length and breadth of the country. If you happen to take a train from Kings Cross London then don’t forget to carry an umbrella for the taxi stand outside Waverley station does not offer you any shelter from the rain and you stand in the queue getting drenched to the core. However that slight hitch out of the way and the magnificence of Edinburgh looms large as you cross its cobbled market street, the breathtaking architecture, the pieces of history and little bit of frolic tucked among the historical castles above the Royal mile.

There is the new town and Princess market for the shopaholics but nothing beats the aura of the old and especially if you happen to visit during the Edinburgh Fringe, a famous festival of art and movies and theatres 🎭

You can take day tours to its famous Loch Ness and Loch Lomond or simply take a whiskey tasting tour, all offer you a glimpse into the heart of the Scots, warm and friendly people with a tad funny accent. If you visit the UK, do include Scotland in your itinerary and be enthralled by its grandeur.

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