Remembering school & monsoon & the monster

It pattered day and night on the roof, on the windows, on the crops, although the crops didn’t complain like the roof so you barely got to hear the rains out there in the fields, but its wetness stuck to your hair and your clothes plastering them onto your skin. The cold sticky rain brought out another intruder in the forests; the leeches. If you put your foot out onto the soft wet grass for a little walk of health an army of leeches attacked it and rendered it a perfect picture of a wounded soldier in battle and Leech bite as therapy was still unheard of.

Inch by inch they would clamber up your legs in search of a soft juicy spot wherein to make that unholy puncture of precisèment. But all the horror did not deter me for I loved taking these tiny monsters to school to scare the girls. It gave my friends a good laugh. No matter how scary they look, leeches are quite a harmless lot made infamous by their obscene food habits, but then they just suck a little bit of your blood and no one ever died of it.

Also they are quite civil about their feeding, and I strongly advocate their polite table manners; as in they did not cause any pain to the individual while they were at it. The area got a little itchy the day after that was all. Considering the fact that these little rogues are only one thousandth of the size that we are I strongly believe one should reward their efforts of taking on such a mighty opponent by allowing them a little snack, although at one’s discomfort. I strongly believe they have earned it.

I did not see any logic in despising them out rightly simply because they fed on blood, after all God has made them that way and I refuse to snigger at somebody’s food just because it is raw and not served on a plate.

Little slippery monsters I fondly remember even today.

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