His name is Cherryplan. It is a funny kind of name and the kids laugh at it but the adults have got used to it now. He is one funny guy, cracks jokes at everything be it government policy, the new tax systems, people, tourists, just about anything. People love him as he makes them laugh. When I was a kid I used to laugh too, a lot, but as I grew older I came to know that he used to be a project planner, he had made a project to plant cherries in the entire state as the altitude was perfect for the species. However, his proposal got rejected many times but the name stuck. Now he is old and nobody really knows his actual name and he still makes everybody laugh but between those jokes I’ve sensed a pause; especially when he rubs and rolls his tobacco to prepare his cigarette, you get to peek at the real him, just then as his tongue wets the entire length of his cigarette, he stares blankly at the space in front of him, it is unsettling, that stare devoid of hope, of laughter, but the very next minute he snaps out of it blowing rings of smoke in that space and laughs…

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