The historical Oxford

The city of Oxford has an amazing amalgamation of the refined and the rugged rubbing shoulders, each asking the other “what are you doing here?” and yet it endures and has been doing so down the centuries neither one feeling threatened or out of place. The Baroque and Functionalist, the Gothic and Post modernist, the Palladian and Neoclassical styles of architecture line the city skies as angels look down at you tucked away in its safe corners of history and architectural grandeur, conserved by the intellectuals who have breathed the same air you are breathing. Famous poets, writers, noble laureates, scientists, presidents, prime ministers, actors, artists and here I am not even close to comprehending the milieu.

The University of Oxford comprises of 38 different colleges.



The city of Oxford is far removed from the fast paced London. It has a calm composure and an essence of purpose subtly infused in its very fabric. Everyone should visit Oxford at least once in their lifetime and be awed by its magnificence and its impeccable sense of proportion.


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