Surreal suggestions

I just watched a movie called Ratatoulie, an old movie actually and I have watched it before without giving it much thought but today it made me wonder, do I agree to the protagonist portrayal of the rat, a pest entering my kitchen? Why does the movie justify the possibilities of such audacity, what does it mean really? Are we as a society nudged towards being more open and accommodating to certain groups or issues?


Not only this one movie but many other movies and books have the same underlying suggestions, the positive portrayal of an unacceptable situation or an agenda which is presented to the audience or the readers wrapped in a kind of emotional wrappings but isn’t that plain blackmail?


You do know in your head it is wrong however the makers of such surrealism create an emotional angle to the story which in reality does not exist and the issue stands in all its starkness unaided by such props. Have you ever experienced this unease after a movie or a book? Do let me know in your interesting comments.

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