Funny February



I have decided to dedicate this article to the news in my country in the month of February!


The season of love began with a wink and a smile. A doe-eyed teenager from down south found surprise fanfare and an overnight shot to fame when she winked at a boy and moved her facial muscles with such perfection that the flawlessness of the act was applauded by the entire nation and India awoke to a new crush, Priya Varrier, after the twenty eight second video went viral. She decidedly gave some of the top glam-world ladies a run for their money. The news channels went into a tizzy of sorts and served a generous helping of “the wink” over a few days, it was a feel good factor, a refreshing change from the grim and gory they usually bring to breakfast.


Now India was just about humming this romantic melody when one morning it was jolted out of its reverie by a man no one had heard about, Nirav Modi! A billionaire, a diamond merchant, designer, owning the brand Geetanjali diamonds among many others, he seemed to have had successfully scammed the Punjab National Bank. Well, as for me I reserve my judgment because I’ve had not so many pleasant experiences dealing with this financial institution (The Banks generally and not PNB in particular for I have never had any account with them)

I certainly am of the opinion that these institutions generally are more than capable of scamming you out of your hard earned money in a perfectly legal manner, one cannot get around their routine procedures without having the uncanny feeling of being duped especially the compounding of interest on loans or credit card payments are surmount and not to mention the array of taxation jargons that are aimed at the hapless. One can never get around these hazy fazy dictum crazy bouts of doubtful debiting that occurs in your account.

Seriously to be able to dupe this institution takes brains and the man seems to carry a cool one for he refused out rightly to pay back and accused the bank of shaming him in public! I mean seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sues the bank for defamation! “How dare you tell everyone I stole?”

Well, the funny February did not end in the merry note it started as a beloved actor, Sridevi, passed away leaving a country full of tearful fans. She was a legend, a superstar, a school in herself. The nation bid adieu to one of the finest leading ladies of Indian cinema on the 24th and so ended our February with a wink and a smile, few grumps and a great many tears.







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