A Dere for a there

When did I last write a letter? Seems like an era has passed, a time when words moved you and touched you in a way none other could do, a time when writing a “u” for “you” or “d” for a “the” attracted quizzical derision and instantly discredited your mental capabilities. The reader would refuse to believe that any responsible adult, in fact, wrote such a letter.

I last wrote a letter when the sight of a blue envelope caused your tiny little heart to flutter at its sight, the implication being obvious of course. And there were people called Postman and not delivery boys and you actually waited for one with bated breath,  although when finally he did arrive you never actually looked at his face fully to notice the colour of his eyes.

Ironically that era has passed into oblivion a while ago, when I did write a letter. Now phone messages masquerade as letters and I try to blend in as much as I can but I still manage to stick out like a sore thumb when I refuse to write a “dere” for a “there.”

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