Arachnid Tales

Tales of this family borders from creepy to heinous to somewhat adorable. The female spiders are known to feed on their mate after copulation!  Yeah not the adorable part. And there is matriphagy, that is the baby spiders eating the mother alive! And not to forget, even the mother is known to eat the eggs and the newborns which happens more often than the other way around!

Hell and perdition! They do seem to be one hungry race ain’t they? Well that isn’t the adorable part at all. The adorable and interesting part is the adaptation in the behavioural pattern of the male spiders


Interesting fact: Tired of being eaten and being treated as a mere piece of muscle whose sole purpose in nature happened to be sperm donation, the male spiders over the years hatched a plan. They started taking gifts for their “biter halfs” so after making love instead of turning on them the females were kept busy opening these gifts to see if there is a healthy snack in it, probably one hundredth of a Mac n cheese, while the men could get away from the terrible fate of being eaten alive.

But boys will be boys! all that these lazy fellas did was wrap up dirt in their fine silk threads and present it to the girls, who were fooled for about a hundred years maybe but then the females aren’t dumb at all are they? So now they have started checking the gifts before allowing the eager little boys a rumble in the sack.

So back to square one they are.

The boys live dangerously still, trying to escape their hungry mates. So if you happen to see one scurrying into the corner you know the scene right?

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