The trees were naught but spiral blobs of rainbow raised on its own stem and oozing the colors that dripped and colored the rivers, Tumtum trees they were called. The sky for all times was arrested at the moment of twilight, it was neither day nor night. The grass would change to tiny flowers every time the breeze ruffled them. Creatures most extraordinary walked and crawled, creeped and flew and one such creature I was sent to slay, the Jabberwock it was. It burbled and rasped and breathed fire, its wings blocked the sun when it took flight and cast the shadow so dark that the jungles came alive with death.

A party strange in all respects was assembled in the middle of this forest for tea, I wandered in circles and always intruded upon them caught in the exact same moment, tea party they called it. A man as touched as he could be was the host of this party, but he was to be my friend and help me kill this fantastic beast, this gargantuan monster on the Frabjous day all but with a vorpol sword, forged at the fiery gold lake in the mystical land of the white queen.

(my take on Lewis Carrol’s famous poem)

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