Picture perfect.

If I had to describe this country in two words.

Switzerland has attracted the movie makers around the world for its scenic beauty which is unparalleled. The gentle rolling meadows with a backdrop of the magnificent Swiss alps demands attention of movie directors with ease.

If you have decided to visit this country then you will find it fairly easy to get around with its well connected train network. As a tourist you can avail of their Swiss Travel Pass for your stay anywhere between three to fifteen days. Buy the ticket/pass for the number of days you intend to stay and you are good to go. This site offers you detailed information on the trains in Europe.

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I felt commuting in Switzerland to be the easiest due to its trains connecting all the cities and little towns within the country. If you like to plan your travel by yourself without the help of travel agencies then Switzerland offers you the most convenient stay and travelling experience. You can book an apartment in any city be it Lucern or Interlaken, Engelberg, Geneva, Lugano……etc etc. All are just as good.

I would, however, suggest that you give the Glacier Express a miss for it is no different than travelling anywhere in the Eurail in your normal ticket. Yes, it comes with a dinner car, with fine dining (at a price) but would you want to pay all that just for food on wheels, limited options at that?

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