Swiss memories


Engleberg, wasn’t as vibrant as I had hoped, it was far and it was small and it was everything that I had expected it not to be. Diffidence in the middle of Europe or Switzerland to be precise, but as the days went by this lazy little settlement surprisingly offered more in way of experience than the entire country ever did.

The beautiful Fraumünster stood proudly displaying its Marc Chagall windows in an otherwise gray city of Zurich. Bern, I liked better for its cobbled streets, quaint little fountains, the clock, Zytlogge, that came to life in the strike of an hour to a huge round of applause by the onlookers, however, I nearly missed it by standing on the opposite side of the whole act with no signs to indicate the way, I am sure many visitors make that mistake having come all the way to see it.

Geneva, wow! The feel of south, as in Lugano, the Italian flavored Switzerland. Luzern in the heart of the country was more vibrant than most and people considerably friendlier in an otherwise uptight populace.

Interlaken and Jungfraujoch, I don’t think anybody gives it a miss being the most promoted locales of the country, however, as for me I liked Mt. Titlis experience better, because of one factor and that was the crowd at Jungfraujoch and also having to catch a train back to Engelberg.

The Trubsee trek or biking experience is the best if you ask me, you get down the gondola half way down Mt. Titlis where you park your bike on the way up and then ride down the mystically beautiful valley of Engelberg.

Glacier express; a huge waste of time and money, if you are seeing the country in trains, taking the Panoramic train does not make any sense at all. Its all the same ride in normal trains. A day wasted.

Overall, I would recommend a visit to Switzerland to most who do not come from the mountains, but for someone like us who was born and brought up in the Himalayas, Switzerland had nothing new to offer in terms of scenic beauty.



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