Reviewing Paris Review

Reading about different writers in Paris Review and their writing environment and styles in writers room series provided an illuminating read, sneak peek into their lives. It is interesting how we all draw heavily from our society when we write.

The writings of Annie Proulx mostly seem to have a setting of country life, mountains and ranches the hardships of those times and social taboos. Beryl Bainbridge on the other hand talks about a society where one had to be well informed about the far flung worlds, the social etiquette’s of the middle class as does her writings that depict adventures of those times, the stories of brave men, the grandeur and all. Stephen King’s writings mostly seem to be bitter, blunt, bold, dark, a legacy of urbane life isolated family structures and less gregarious social strata.

Although these are crude comparisons and in no way confining it’s a rather generalised example only.

The inspirations we draw, the imagination we let loose are also somewhat bound within our social boundaries and the way we grow up. So I could infer that writers are like magicians transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, creating worlds within their very own universes. Somewhat like Alice going down the rabbit hole, I guess we all have to go down the rabbit hole to create that magic.

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