Queenstown (NZ)


True to its name this tiny little township is befitting to be the abode of the Queen. It is pretty as a picture located on the shores of lake Wakatipu, which is a beautiful lake among many others in the country of New Zealand. The blue water that splashes at the boundaries offer this sleepy little town a mesmerising aura of serenity. The town caters efficiently to all range of tourists, from adventure loving to the ones coming to soak the sun in peace and slumber.

It boasts of some elegant and fancy eating-places, the most famous being the Fergburger. It has some amazing mouthwatering hamburger recipes for which one has to labour standing in a long queue that usually manages to have formed there already whenever you turn up, one would think it is a 24X7 feature outside Fergburger, however, the food is worth the wait. Sadly I couldn’t find any photos of mine of this burger, we probably were so hungry and exhausted by the time we could lay our hands on the burger that we seem to have gobbled it up without taking a picture of it. So am just posting a picture of myself soaking up the sun at the waterfront after that yummy food.

 Just about fifteen minutes drive from the airport, Queenstown was fully booked in the month of February when we last visited in 2015 so we booked a bach a little way up in the valley of Cardrona another picturesque locale in the South island. The sparsely populated Cardrona offers beautiful little getaways in form of these baches. It is also a favourite tourist destination for adventure tourists with many adventure sports to choose from. Cardrona is also famous for its bra fence but we sadly could not make it there having plans to visit the tip of the South Pole, driving all the way to a place called Invercargill, an expansive city. It had lots and lots of space which was kind of intimidating, especially if you come from a cramped metropolitan like Chennai in India for instance, although I am not from Chennai in India, but Invercargill nonetheless felt largely sprawling. However, it did not happen to be the tip of South pole as we were surprisingly led to believe but the tip of New Zealand. Nevertheless it was a lovely trip in the beautiful South Island.



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