Modi-fied India

The Indian diaspora waits with bated breath for the “good days to come” as is the slogan of Narendra Modi, the supposed tea vendor of Gujarat, who whipped his magic wand this time and transformed the country into a euphoric state of “Happy” just Happy like the Pharrell Williams Happy.

However, the daunting task of having to curb inflation, narrow down fiscal deficit, create employment opportunities, women safety, health issues and the likes still stare the new government with wide eyed anticipation in the “Modi-fied” India.

Many congratulations to the new government and Mr. Modi especially, hope he can take the country to new frontiers in socio-economic status, the main areas to focus still would be health and education as these two are intricately intertwined within the vicious circle of poverty which has been pulling this country back no matter how far ahead it marches. A transparent form of e-governance would, to some extent, help in weeding out corruption in the system. However, this transparency should be made mandatory to the elected members first so that the bureaucracy does not have to bear the burden of their liabilities.

Any facilities should be given from the grass-root level and any regulations and austerity measures should be percolated down from the topmost level. Only will then be any kind of change in the system that has set in otherwise. Hope your election manifesto is a result of extensive micro-planning at the Block and Beat levels therefore no need for me to go into “free advising” spree which is so common around here that one does tend to overdo oneself without restraint.

All eyes on you Mr. Prime Minister.

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