Hong Kong

The name itself spells splendour, Hong Kong. I believe there aren’t many who have not heard of the place. Logic dictates that if one has heard of Bruce Lee then one has heard of Hong Kong.

Now I am not a tour agent so I shall not give you the tour package highlights, although there are some lovely attraction sites of which you can easily get a listing in Google. I love Hong Kong for its sheer Kitsch. The place has a pulse, its alive, nothing pretentious, no geraniums on the overhead bridge, no squeaky clean markets, it has its fair share of those though in its over-lit malls but it has a crudeness about it which is reckless and endearing at the same time. If the Disneyland had not been there the crudeness could have been more pronounced but the existence of Disneyland somehow softens the hue of the wild that Hong Kong is. One needs to go there just to feel it. pexels-photo.jpgDSC02753DSC02729DSC02724

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