There could be only one reason for anybody to go to Macau and that is gamble, let nobody tell you otherwise. If anyone does so, do not believe it, for there is nothing else in Macau but the casinos. When you enter the Venetian there is nowhere else you need to go, they’ve got everything inside, they even got a river and a sky! so trust me when I say you’re covered. 

A ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau takes about an hour (slightly less on some days). There you go through the customs and enter Macau. There are a couple of old market places and a church but no one really remembers any of those. It is a surprise that there even is a guided tour of the city which about a handful of naive people like me take otherwise it is the casinos all the way. Take a pile of money and go there to gamble. No shopping. Only gamble. Everything is open 24/7. Just remember camera is not allowed in the casino at the Venetian (can’t say about others, maybe the same rule applies.) Have fun. Win some. 


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