Attractive Australia

A beautiful country with beautiful people, I fell in love with Australia the moment I set foot in it, although the driver that ferried me from the airport to my hotel duped me outright but that little incident need not put the whole country in perspective for the man wasn’t Australian.

I found Australians to be a warm and honest race of people, they had a friendly disposition as opposed to people from Europe who were rather uptight and cold. I think it could safely be inferred that the climate of the continent affect the behavioural psychology of its inhabitants, which could possibly be an unexplored scientific theory.

I visited Victoria whose capital is the vibrant city of Melbourne and New South Wales whose capital city is the beautiful Sydney. I also visited the idyllic Bateman’s Bay where I spent about ten days enjoying the hospitality offered by Mogo Zoo, the most amazing zoo I have seen run by two beautiful people, Sally and Hannelie.

Australia offers a wide range of experiences to its visitors and one is never bored or in want for an activity in this country, in scenic beauty it excels all others in the southern hemisphere, of course New Zealand has its own charm and offers spectacular scenery but my first love is and will always be Australia. I am yet to explore Gold Coast which is next on my bucket list and which I hope to go to very soon.


  1. Had been wanting to visit Australia for years, hopefully to visit it on next year!

    1. Hi, sorry for the long delay in replying, just got busy, Yes Mogo zoo is amazing, it is extremely beautiful and cozy and gives lots of space to animals. I loved it.

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