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A tiny cobweb entangled in the dark oak roof A rustic wind-chime hanging on the half broken window A mildew eaten cabinet that holds some memories in its heavy, stiff drawers The jackfruit tree that still casts its shadows on my bed when the moon shines in its full strength The water that flows through […]


    Never has come and gone again Like it did yesterday It quietly sneaked in the corner When I had turned to close the door Now I try to strengthen my resolve but Never again has it been the same again.

Optical illusions

I was overdue at the eye docs office but the repercussion of such a delay was a favourable one however, for I happened to un-see a few kilos in every individual, surprisingly. The world was suddenly full of thin people and when they were made aware of such a fact they beamed with joy. And […]

Funny February

    I have decided to dedicate this article to the news in my country in the month of February!   The season of love began with a wink and a smile. A doe-eyed teenager from down south found surprise fanfare and an overnight shot to fame when she winked at a boy and moved […]

Attractive Australia

A beautiful country with beautiful people, I fell in love with Australia the moment I set foot in it, although the driver that ferried me from the airport to my hotel duped me outright but that little incident need not put the whole country in perspective for the man wasn’t Australian. I found Australians to […]